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We believe securing a mortgage if you're self-employed shouldn't be difficult or time-consuming.

That's why we're streamlining the mortgage application process to make it faster and more convenient than ever before.

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

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Save time and get approved faster

Welcome to the faster, more convenient way to get a self-employed mortgage.

Using the latest mortgage tech, automation and open banking, we've made your digital mortgage journey faster and easier than ever.

For example, your advisor can perform affordability and credit checks, ID verification, and product sourcing in a fraction of the time it takes with other brokers.

The end result? You save time and hassle and get your mortgage approved quicker.

Always know how your application is progressing

Self Employed Mortgage Hub Client Portal

View or edit your application details in your client portal at any time. Upload documents securely, message your advisor and monitor your application status.

Receive real-time sms and email updates as your application progresses.

You can login to your client portal on desktop or mobile app 24/7.

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Save time

Apply quickly and easily. Our advanced end-to-end mortgage and protection platform streamlines the entire application process, removes friction and saves you time.

To get started, take our simple 90 second quiz here. We can often help, even if you've been declined elsewhere.


At-a-glance client portal

Login to your client portal at any time to view your application's status, upload docs or message your advisor.

You can access the portal on any device, including mobile via our dedicated app.


Receive real-time updates

Keep abreast of your application's progress with real-time updates. Receive an automatic SMS or email notification whenever there's a status change.


Specialist advisors

As true adverse specialists, we can often help, even if you've already been declined by a bank or have unusual or complex funding needs.

Great self-employed mortgage
deals from niche lenders

We can find you a great mortgage deal today. Even if you have variable income or complex funding needs.

Regardless of you're self-employed status: sole trader, company director, LLP partner, freelancer or contractor, get in touch today for fast, knowledgeable service, and access to flexible niche lenders.

Check if you qualify to get started. It takes 90 seconds.

know your options
Takes 90 seconds. No credit check.

Discover your options today

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Takes about 90 seconds. No credit check.

What do you want to do?

Get a mortgage

Only one years accounts? Variable income? Working through an umbrella company? Whatever the circumstances, we're here to find you a fantastic mortgage deal.

As true specialists in self-employed mortgages, we can often help, even if you've been declined by a broker or lender previously.

And it's now possible again to secure a great mortgage deal with just 5% deposit.


With interest rates at unprecendented lows, it's a great time to remortgage if you're self-employed

Borrow extra to support your business growth, clear credit cards, or fund a house improvement.

Lock-in a fixed-rate remortgage up to 10 years. We also have access to very attractive discount, tracker and offset deals from our wide panel of lenders for the self-employed.

Protect my family, home
and income

As recent events have shown, it's impossible to know what's around the corner.

That's why it's vital to protect your family, income and home against unforeseen events.

Get expert advice on a range of affordable policies including life insurance, buildings and contents insurance, income protection and critical illness cover.


Get answers to your most common questions below...
How many years accounts do I need?

You'll usually need a minimum of one year's accounts for a lender to agree an application.

Contractors can sometimes get a mortgage approved with less than a year's books, but the lender will look at each case on it's merits.

Once an advisor has viewed your credit file (don't worry, our digital mortgage appliation process makes this very straightforward), a decision in principle can normally be made within 24 hours. Sometimes the same day.

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How much deposit will I need?

There are many affordable mortgage deals available with just a 5% deposit.

However, the best rates and deals are reserved for borrowers with larger deposits (25%+), as a lower loan-to-value (LTV) represents less risk for the lender.

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Do you run a credit search?

Not initially. We will need to see your credit report before we can provide a decision in principle. If and when you decide to proceed to an application, your lender will carry out a further credit search as part of their underwriting process.

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Are there any upfront fees?

Unlike some competitors, we don't charge any upfront fees. No mortgage, no fee.

A broker fee is only payable after you've received a formal mortgage offer from a lender. The fee will depend on the complexity of your case and the amount of work required to source your mortgage deal.

Your advisor will inform you of the fee in advance, once he's checked your credit file, gathered all relevant info and provided you with a decision in principle. There's no obligation at this point, and you can walk away without paying a penny if you wish.

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How quickly can you arrange my mortgage?

Unlike traditional brokers, our digital application process makes it quick and simple to get a self employed mortgage.

Expect a decision in principle within 24 hours of us receiving your credit report.

Each lender will have different volumes of applications to process, and therefore timeframes to turn around cases. But 4-6 weeks is common.

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Will my mortgage cost more?

It largely depends on your credit history. But assuming a clean bill of health, many lenders offer highly competitive rates similar to those available to mainstream borrowers.

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Can I borrow extra on top of what I already owe?

Yes, either by remortgaging with a new lender, taking out a further advance with your current lender, or via a secured loan (a.k.a second charge mortgage).

Just tell us your requirements and we'll let you know your options in plain english.

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I've got a bad credit history, can you help?

Yes. Much will depend on the severity of your adverse credit, and how large a deposit you have.

For obvious reasons, bankruptcy is the most difficult form of bad credit to source a mortgage for. But we work with lenders willing to lend within 3 - 4 years of discharge.

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